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Products & trends

When will the Wild West of e-vapour end?

30 Oct 2018. One of the complicating factors for e-vapour consumers has been the sheer array of products available, and this has also muddied the testing and regulating of these new entrants. But the frontier that these products have opened up has also proven lawless, writes Dr John Lauterbach.
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A new spin on an age-old tradition

30 Oct 2018. Continental Tobacco Group (CTG) recently launched Marif, its new shisha product, at InterTabac in Dortmund at the end of September. Group CEO, János Santa Jr, spoke to TJI about his role, the company and its launch onto the shisha market.
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Papers for the continents

30 Oct 2018. While many manufacturers of papers for RYO have moved production eastward, EU markets still hold the key to success, and competition remains high. TJI spoke to one company striving to deliver quality products to European consumers - The Rolling Paper Company.
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Specialising in DIY

30 Oct 2018. Machine-made cigarettes have had their ups and downs over recent years but suppliers of RYO/MYO products have seen their businesses remain competitive and dynamic, especially in today’s rapidly changing industry.
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OCB turns 100

30 Oct 2018. Revolutionising an industry is a continuous and challenging process and moving with the market is only one side of it. The story of OCB, one of the flagship brands of rolling papers and filters from Republic Technologies International, shows us the other side.
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RYO demand remains high

30 Oct 2018. While the global tobacco market is declining, the demand worldwide for RYO cigarette filters remains relatively stable. According to Euromonitor data, it is predicted that the global demand for RYO will only decrease by 0.7 per cent from 2018 to 2019, according to filter maker Essentra.
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DIY provides an alternative

30 Oct 2018. The trend towards natural materials is widespread in cigarette manufacturing but is particularly well established in RYO/MYO. In this niche sector, the most prominent brands have adopted sustainable, additive-free approach, underlining mainstream innovation in this cult DIY segment.
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