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Leaf & tobacco processing

Hundreds of millions wasted on tobacco

27 Oct 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) is an enormous body with an annual budget of USD 4,840.4 million which is paid by governments, and ultimately by taxpayers, from all over the world. António Abrunhosa, CEO of the International Tobacco Growers’ Association (ITGA), takes a critical look at what the WHO has been doing with funds in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Malawi’s tobacco farmers treading the same old mill

27 Oct 2020. The very last puffs of Malawi’s 2019 tobacco sales were exhaled by 3 October 2019 with farmers weighing in a cumulative volume of 165.61 million kg of tobacco and fetching USD 237 million in total revenue. Dr Terry Mabbett takes a look at the 2020 tobacco season so far and draws a comparison.
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What has COVID-19 meant for tobacco farmers?

27 Oct 2020. From border restrictions to unsold stock, TJI takes a closer look at how the global pandemic has affected tobacco farmers around the world.
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Room for improvement

27 Oct 2020. When Zimbabwe’s 2020 tobacco selling season formally ended on 28 August, farmers had sold 176 million kilogrammes of the crop, with more expected to be delivered to floors in mop-up sales up to the end of September. TJI correspondent Kundai Jera from Harare gives a detailed insight into Zimbabwe’s tobacco industry.
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Trouble in paradise

27 Oct 2020. Greece’s legal cigarette market is continuing to shrink as smokers quit and the smuggling of illicit products surges. TJI correspondent Michael Kosmides takes a look at the causes and what is on the horizon for the country’s tobacco market.
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