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Brazil to sue tobacco firms

24 May 2019. Brazil is suing British American Tobacco Plc (BAT) and Philip Morris International (PMI), in a landmark case with the aim of recovering the public health treatment costs of tobacco-related diseases over the last five years, Reuters reported.
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Study: e-cigs double success rates of quitting smoking

23 May 2019. A recent UK study funded by the charity Cancer Research UK has found that people using e-cigarettes to quit smoking are approximately 95 per cent more likely to report successfully quitting than smokers trying to quit without help from smoking cessation aids, Reuters reported.
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New anti-tobacco plan unveiled

22 May 2019. The government of South Korea has unveiled its "tobacco endgame" plan, which calls for the introduction of plain packaging for all cigarettes and more graphic warnings to encourage people to quit smoking, Yonhap News Agency reported.
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Cigarette imports on the rise

21 May 2019. Imports of packaged cigarettes in Israel have risen rapidly after taxes on both rolling tobacco and packaged cigarettes were equalised in February, Haaretz reported.
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JT launches new environment plan

20 May 2019. Japan Tobacco (JT) has announced that it has launched a new group-wide environment plan that will be based on raising sustainability measures to reduce its Greenhouse (GHG) emissions and double its proportion of renewable electricity by 2030, according to a company press release.
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Plain packs go on sale 2020

20 May 2019. From January 2020, cigarette packages sold in Belgium will all have neutral packaging, The Brussels Times reported.
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North Carolina claims Juul targets youth in lawsuit

16 May 2019. North Carolina has sued e-cigarette manufacturer Juul, alleging that it has marketed its products to children and has misled the public about the risks associated with using its products, CNN reported.
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Study: tobacco display ban prevents kids from smoking

15 May 2019. The ban on displaying cigarettes and tobacco in shops in the UK has reduced the risk of young people taking up smoking, according to a new study, BBC reported.
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Record number of retailers selling tobacco to teens

14 May 2019. Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) has identified nine retailers that have sold tobacco to teenagers within a two-week period, which is a record high for the service, Newshub reported.
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EUís T&T to be fully functional in a year

13 May 2019. The EU tobacco track and trace system is expected to be fully functional within a one year after its official deadline on 20 May 2019, according to a statement from a European Commission official, Euractiv reported.
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